Tuesday, August 7, 2007

SFist On Wrong Side of Warm Water Cove

SFist takes artistic license too far south to new low describing the graffiti clean-up near Potrero Hill as, “what was the south wing of the graffiti artist "gallery" at Warm Water Cove is now a pristine green monster of a wall with no tagging at all.”

A couple of responses come to mind; yet, like graffiti, neither of which is legal. Firstly, instant notoriety is cheap, so earn your initials! If anyone wants to tag a Green Monster, come see me on 'game day.' I’m an avid J.E.T.S. fan with a rigid body painting ritual. Speaking of green, how 'bout the immortal words of Peter Tosh:

“Don’t criticize it; legalize it!”
If you prefer a graffiti gallery to a dog park, then 'man up' and 'make a buck.' Charge by the cover or charge by the can. Host parties, celebrate artist and upcoming bands. Who knows? Who cares?

I don’t. Instead, I care about vandals who think they're fucking with 'the man' when they're only fucking over themseves (and us). Grow up, our youth can have a childhood. It's no fun explaining why some jackass painted penis or "N" word on a wall to impressionable young minds. Consider yourself lucky Gavin Newsom and his Graffiti Czar, Officer Putts, installed cameras, because they're the only thing protecting you from me. And, you don’t want to fuck with me.
Wake up! This is America, the home of free will and enterprise. Stop infringing on others rights and take advantage of few of your own. Start a business, you can charge assholes like me to see the shit you do!

SFist: Warm Water Cove Going To The Dogs by Jim

Photo Credit: SFist. An SFPD cruiser backs out from the cove after responding to a report of possible taggers in the area.

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