Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Chris Daly, Running for Mayor

The Tenderloin’s own Board Member Dissident and Dally Lama of Derelique’d [laughing] my ass [off], Chris Daly, says he is considering stepping up and out from understudy to Matt Gonzalez, Ross Mirkarimi and whichever neo-hippy intern in the Regressive mail room too smart to challenge Gavin Newsom in this November’s mayoral race.

Let get this straight, the most hated and least successful of all the limp-wrist, salad-eaters has won the opportunity to lose to an incumbent mayor with 78% approval ratings. Sounds like an email the spam I got this morning from the Igor of the Ukraine announcing that I’ve just won… “Send yoo sochell secretary number and mathr’s maiden naime to clame yoo pri3e – Xopowo!”

“At this point, if there were a bigger name challenger to Newsom in the fall it
would be me.”
Back in June, Daly said he wouldn't run, but Daly says things changed when Gonzalez, who nearly beat Newsom in 2003, announced he wouldn’t run last week (In reality, it was months ago). Gonzalez, a Green Party member, was widely considered the best candidate to mount a challenge to Newsom from the left. Without a viable progressive contender in the mayor’s race, Daly says, “I’ve obviously been talking to close friends and allies about what that means for us.”
Friends? Allies? Name one! Even Josh Low, Daly's brother-in-law, says he's unqualified!
Daly says he and his allies are debating whether it would be better for the city’s progressive movement for him to run against Newsom or to just sit it out and focus on maintaining the leftist majority on the 11-member board of supervisors (all who hate Daly) in 2008. Several supervisor seats are up next year.
Gavin’s got to be pulling him. Nothing sets off a good tan like
an albino sitting nearby!
One thing is certain; we won’t have to wait long to learn if the newly crowned king in the confederacy of dunces may soon be collecting his prize. The candidate-filing deadline is 5 p.m. this upcoming Friday.

SF Weekly: Daly Reconsidering Run For Mayor by Will Harper

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