Saturday, August 4, 2007

Graffiti Party at Chicken John's

Today, as promised, San Francisco's Warm Water Cove, aka Tire Beach, aka Toxic Beach got a fresh new coat of paint. Mayoral candidate, Chicken John Rinaldi, weighes in on the whitewashing.

I completely disagree. My retirement plan includes a three-wheeled bicycle with a basket-full-o-paint... sponsored by Frazee to "white out" careless mistakes intended to voice protest or tag ones's ego to a wall, but only serve to erode the esteem, hearts and minds of the community with each step towards the playground, work or worship.

Graffiti is as welcome as a sidewalk Jesus with a megaphone. If we want it, we'll pay for it. Chicken John should step off his soap box and put his walls where his mouth is… home sweet home. This is our (The City) house. We will protected our house! I say we pay John a visit at the Chicken Ranch to stencil, pen and paint what we want, when we want, where we want. I doubt very much he'll enjoy my genius at work (mural above the headboard).

If one's confused about a graffiti and art, a good rule of thumb is too look for a price tag. Graffiti costs us all. Real graffti art is framed and hung on a wall. Check out Brian B’s work at Rye at 688 Geary Street or rent the movie Basquiat or swing by my place and I'll show you my Bornacelli.

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